Baby Blanket

Driving the Oregon coast south to the Redwood National Parks, we were naturally impressed by the size and serenity of the giant Sequoias. We inched our way, stopping repeatedly to marvel at the 2,000 plus year old trees.

I spied a smallish Redwood alongside the twisty-turny road in a quiet, low-traveled section of the grove. In comparison to the vast sized family members gathered around it, at a mere two feet in diameter, this one appeared to be a baby. What perfect choice this infant tree was for the colorful childlike knit piece I had brought along on our vacation.

With pom poms and cheerful look, it seemed to be an ideal blanket for keeping this small tree cozy for a spell. After all, if this baby Redwood is to reach the age of the others around it, it is likely to need the comforter for a while since we estimated the tree to be only about 200 years old.

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