So I asked our knitting granddaughter Miss H where she would like to place her very own created yarn doodle as we returned to her hometown of Hayward, WI at the conclusion of her legs of our Tour de Heartland vacation.

She gave it quite some thoughts and her list of parameters was somewhat lengthy. It needed to be in a place no one is likely to disturb it and a place she could easily (without driving) visit. It had to enhance and bring joy and it needed to be near her school. She had an idea – a good one!

So, as we walked the area of choice, we looked for some clue that spoke to her. “No not there. Not quite right – too this and too that” she studiously commented.

We continued walking. Then, suddenly, she stopped in her tracks. The headstone simply read: BABY. This was wehre Miss H sat down cross-legged and declared the place for her purple knit flower to rest.

As we stood up to leave, Miss H spied a marker tucked into the roots of a tree stump. She brushed away the debris and it revealed a concrete H which she took as a confirmation of the right location for her flower. We said goodbye to baby and got into the car just in time to hear the song playing on the radio: “Happy Birthday, Baby!”

Miss H smiled and said, “guess that’s one more sign that the cemetery was the best choice.”

So, Happy Birthday, Baby, from all of us!

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