Between the steep upward climb from Montana’s Cooke City and the downward dash to Red Lodge is the towering Beartooth Highway high in the Wyoming mountains just outside Yellowstone National Park.

With an elevation of 11,000 feet, the scenery is diverse ranging from lush towering pines to the starkness of immense boulders in treeless fields near the summit. The delicate, determined wildflowers, vast patches of snow and crystal clear alpine lakes of this barren high country now has a cozy knit Beartooth replica attached and hovering over a rustic sign near the highpoint of this beautiful pass.

Yarn Doodler and granddaughter Miss H braved the 39 degree temperatures on this August afternoon to whipstitch our version of a bear tooth for other adventurers to see.

What a place of peace and beauty. Shiver on Beartooth!

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