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Miner Sized Pumpkin

On Labor Day we visited Park City’s historic Main Street for the annual Miners’ Day festivities. Perched along the parade route, I noticed a tiny patch of lush grass in a crack of the sidewalk alongside my curb side chair. Because I always travel with yarn and needles, I whipped up this tiny little pumpkin no larger than my thumbnail. Using a tad of a plastic bag for the stuffing and a nearby stick, ‘Miner Sized Pumpkin’ was left behind.


As we drove through the Italian and Austrian countryside, slanted golden light filtered through and backlit rows and rows of grapevines turning the reaching leaves a vivid shade of chartreuse. The joy of knitting, and scanning the view with grape orchards at the base of rugged mountains, was breathtaking and inspiring.

So was born ‘Grapevine.’

Upon arriving at our charming apartment in the upbeat and trendy Schwabing district of Munich, I knew the countryside needed to be brought to the city.

Finding Ourselves

Who are we but the link between past and future?

Perhaps our limited research is right or wrong. But the simple village of seven structures may be the birthplace of my grandmother in 1886. Therefore, my yarn bomb tribute is here alongside a mountain stream with a cascading waterfall, wildflowers, peace and calm.

Drenchia is a small region tucked up in the mountains on the border between Italy and Slovenia, in the Udine-Friuli region just east of Cividale. The village of Paisuch is tucked in a steep valley with hillsides reaching up to the towering ridgelines of Drenchia above.

I choose this to be the place I honor grandma Christina – in a place that requires strength to live and grow.

Back to the Beginning

In 2011, I learned and became enthralled with yarn bombing on a flight to Slovenia. My first ever stealth installation was to a bench along a plaza near the tip of a peninsula in the ancient village of Piran. Although that bench is no longer in place, Piran is again my choice. But this similar looking yarn grafitti is now located seaside south of the village along a popular walking promenade between Portoroz and Piran, within view of our apartment. Saunter by if you are in the neighborhood!

Watch for this yarn bomb on the wonderful seaside promenade between the Grand Bernardin hotel and Piran.


Yarndoodler peers from her apartment window watching passersby admire her work.

May Flowers

Growing up in the Midwest, in a Catholic community, May was ‘Mary’s Month.’ Here in Bled, Slovenia, there is a 600-year-old church on an island in Lake Bled. The only access is by rowing a wooden boat across the water, docking near a small stacked-stone, hand-made grotto that houses a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is bedecked with ivy and adorned with wildflowers. It seemed only fitting to place this garland inspired by the oceans of wildflowers alongside the roads around Bled.

Yarndoodler caught in the act.

Biking Around Paris

Biking around Paris can be great fun on a February day when you visit local attractions. Along with a picnic of local offerings, my knit biking headband now adorns a tree near the Eiffel Tower’s south side. Seek and find.eiffen_yarnbomb

Floyd Yeti

Found myself at the famed Vail Ski and Snowboard Academy for grades 5 through 12. I was met at the entrance by the school mascot. I just happened to have just started a small mitten cuff which was in the project bag I was carrying. A quick bind-off gave me the perfect ring for this eight-foot tall Yeti, which I slipped onto his thumb. Does this mean we’re engaged? There were a few witnesses, but they are sworn to secrecy of the Yarndoodler’s real identity.



Fall harvest, farmers’ markets … no matter where in the world you are, at this time of year, some things are the same. The Viktualienmarkt in Munich, Germany is vast and lush, but missing one familiar product. But no more! I left the third yarn bomb of this trip on a rugged branch of an old shade tree in the picnic area of the Viktualienmarkt. It is not only my favorite seasonal gourd, but also a tribute to a special “pumpkin” in my son’s family’s life.




There is an Austrian tradition of decorating eggs for all occasions from  holidays to birthday and seasonal changes. A massive assortment of these can be found at the Christkindlmarkt in Salzburg, where the Hohensalzburg fortress looms over the medieval old town. But what if the egg got past the decorators adn became the topping for another local favorite – like wiener schnitzel? That’s what EGGS-EACTLY represents in its fried version as it adorns a railing on a shortcut staircae up the mountain to the impressive fortress.

Salzburg, Austria. (c) 2015 Tom Kelly

Salzburg, Austria. (c) 2015 Tom Kelly


Autumn Leaves

Green Leaves yarn bomb in St. Moritz

It’s been a while since the last Yarndoodler placement. But inspired by the seasonal changes in St. Moritz, I’ve added my own green to the Swiss mountain village. Brilliant white of the snow capped mountain, gentle pale rust of the local trees and crystal blue skies are now a backdrop for Autumn Leaves.

Yarndoodler strikes again, placing a yarn bomb on a leave-covered lane not far from the St. Moritz Bahnhof in Switzerland. (c) 2015 Tom Kelly ]