Yarn Bombs

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Biking Around Paris

Biking around Paris can be great fun on a February day when you visit local attractions. Along with a picnic of local offerings, my knit biking headband now adorns a tree near the Eiffel Tower’s south side. Seek and find.eiffen_yarnbomb

Floyd Yeti

Found myself at the famed Vail Ski and Snowboard Academy for grades 5 through 12. I was met at the entrance by the school mascot. I just happened to have just started a small mitten cuff which was in the project bag I was carrying. A quick bind-off gave me the perfect ring for this eight-foot tall Yeti, which I slipped onto his thumb. Does this mean we’re engaged? There were a few witnesses, but they are sworn to secrecy of the Yarndoodler’s real identity.



Fall harvest, farmers’ markets … no matter where in the world you are, at this time of year, some things are the same. The Viktualienmarkt in Munich, Germany is vast and lush, but missing one familiar product. But no more! I left the third yarn bomb of this trip on a rugged branch of an old shade tree in the picnic area of the Viktualienmarkt. It is not only my favorite seasonal gourd, but also a tribute to a special “pumpkin” in my son’s family’s life.




There is an Austrian tradition of decorating eggs for all occasions from  holidays to birthday and seasonal changes. A massive assortment of these can be found at the Christkindlmarkt in Salzburg, where the Hohensalzburg fortress looms over the medieval old town. But what if the egg got past the decorators adn became the topping for another local favorite – like wiener schnitzel? That’s what EGGS-EACTLY represents in its fried version as it adorns a railing on a shortcut staircae up the mountain to the impressive fortress.

Salzburg, Austria. (c) 2015 Tom Kelly

Salzburg, Austria. (c) 2015 Tom Kelly


Autumn Leaves

Green Leaves yarn bomb in St. Moritz

It’s been a while since the last Yarndoodler placement. But inspired by the seasonal changes in St. Moritz, I’ve added my own green to the Swiss mountain village. Brilliant white of the snow capped mountain, gentle pale rust of the local trees and crystal blue skies are now a backdrop for Autumn Leaves.

Yarndoodler strikes again, placing a yarn bomb on a leave-covered lane not far from the St. Moritz Bahnhof in Switzerland. (c) 2015 Tom Kelly ]

Moving Baby

“Baby” was an important part of the life of a Yarn Doodler prodigy who recently moved her “Baby” yarn bomb from northern to southern Wisconsin as she traveled out of the state. Another cemetery is the common denominator buty this time it went from an unknown infant to a beloved patriarch. Smile, Jim.

Urban Art

This intriguing urban art installation in old town Barcelona near the Basilica of Santa Maria del Mar was the perfect target for the Yarn Doodler. Even though the old Roman wall took the first yarn bomb, it only seemed right that Barcelona would be her firsr city to host two. This second location required a mile long trek in the dark of midnight carrying a 50-pound ladder through the busy late night streets of old town with nary a second glance from onlookers, then waiting patiently for nearby passersby to move on.


Near a gothic cathedral, two bold towers and a remains of an ancient aqueduct flank the ancient entrance to this first century city that became Barcelona. A sole cypress stands to the side of the gateway. Tucked discreetly among the lower branches is “Tiles,” the Spanish yarn doodle that reflects the artistic designs found throughout this intriguing city.

From the Ashes

It’s been a long time between yarn bombs, but I’m back! One year ago on International yarn Bombing Day, I handed off this colorful butterfly to one of my favorite people. He is a Captain for Salt Lake City’s Unified Fire District. During the summer wildfire season, he and his team are on call to fight wildfires around the western USA. He is a delightful, funny hunk of a guy.

Our mission was to place a bright piece of knitted hope in the ashes and burnt remains of a forest fire. Well, as the season progressed with fire after fire, he and his crew became attached to this little piece of joy. So, now, one year later, Madame Butterfly cheerfully remains inside their wildfire engine, which is named Christine, as a companion to the brave men who work so hard protecting us all.

Thank you for letting me ride along with you guys in heart and spirit.

Watching Over You

Even when her husband was alive, she sat in her favorite chair near the huge picture window watching over the neighborhood. Now she spends less time chatting and more waving at those walking past. She has always been a bit of a local matriarch, watching over friends, their children, their pets, their well being.

So where to place and what to name this yarn doodle was never a question. On the East Side of Madison, on her front lawn and in the tree planted decades ago – it was the perfect place. Watching Over You – it’s name is not just because of who she is and how she spends her time. It is because we want to let her know we are watching over her.

In her time of need, we, her kind neighbors, her concerned friends and all who pass by who have come to expect her friendly wave are also watching over her. Be healthy again soon, we’re watching over you.