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Baby Blanket

Driving the Oregon coast south to the Redwood National Parks, we were naturally impressed by the size and serenity of the giant Sequoias. We inched our way, stopping repeatedly to marvel at the 2,000 plus year old trees.

I spied a smallish Redwood alongside the twisty-turny road in a quiet, low-traveled section of the grove. In comparison to the vast sized family members gathered around it, at a mere two feet in diameter, this one appeared to be a baby. What perfect choice this infant tree was for the colorful childlike knit piece I had brought along on our vacation.

With pom poms and cheerful look, it seemed to be an ideal blanket for keeping this small tree cozy for a spell. After all, if this baby Redwood is to reach the age of the others around it, it is likely to need the comforter for a while since we estimated the tree to be only about 200 years old.

Mystery’s New Home

It was an honor for me to make a lovely yarn doodle, Mystery, for Free Spirit Knits’ 30 Days of Giving Thanks project. I was so excited to send Mystery on to its new home.

I used recycled tissue and tape from a recent Anthropologie purchase and tucked the yarn bomb into the package, along with a little note, and sent Mystery off to “MyGiantStrawberry.com.” It was so rewarding to know Mystery would be going into the fun, creative and lovely blogger’s hands.

I recently got word that Mystery has been placed into its new home. And you can learn more of the story at MyGiantStrawberry.com.


The amazing Shannon, of Free Spirit Knits, asked the Yarn Doodler to create a yarn graffiti for her 30 Days of Giving Thanks project. I thought about what size and shape would be easy and convenient for a “non bomber” to place. I decided a cheerful knit flower on a dowel would be perfect for planting anywhere.

This flower would be a nice winter contrast to any dreary day wherever in the country it might travel. I knit, signed, dated and numbered (Yarn Doodler’s 19th) “Mystery” and awaited excitedly for word of the lucky winner and where to send the doodle.

I named the yarn doodle “Mystery” because I had no idea where it would find its permanent home. I was so pleased to be a part of the mystery adventure. Now I’m anxiously awaiting word on the winner and who will share this special Mystery.

Merry Christmas Chicago

For many people, Chicago is known as the “Windy City. But, because we visit in the fall every year, to the Yarn Doodler it brings a feeling of Christmas, holiday shopping, seasonal urban flower beds, brisk strolls, rumbling loop sounds, coffee break refuge, museums and the wonders of Michigan Avenue.

You can look high and low and make new discoveries every time you visit this thriving town.

So, while in Chicago recently, I knew I must absolutely give a yarn doodle gift to this vital, vivacious city. In my pounding the pavement research for the optimum place I came to the perfect location in a cozy park with bustling activity near the historic water tower, built in 1869 and survivor of the great Chicago fire of 1871.

There are lovely boxwood shrubs outlining the paths and walkways and Merry Christmas Chicago is now nesting among them. Hopefully an occasional passerby will glance downward to spy my little heartfelt holiday gift to this high energy place in the Windy City.

Yarn Doodler in Chicago

Passersby walk past a wonderful new yarn doodle in Chicago.

Claw II

What does New York City and Rome have in common? Well, as of today, both have a Claw Yarndoodle.

Rome’s Campo di Fiori is the home of Claw, the original, and now Claw II resides in New York City. One of my favorite haunts when visiting Gotham City is to linger in Bryant Park. It is such a lovely park, having an outdoor reading room, ice skating rink, scads of little tables and chairs for balancing a book and a cup of coffee, a deck simulating a backyard porch with lounging chairs and many other user-friendly pods.

Now, in October, there are bales of hay, pumpkins and lots and lots of potted mums. The holiday shops are setting up mini boutiques, so the welcoming park can be a place to shop for reasonably priced yet unique gifts.

Claw II has taken up residency near the bacci ball court and close to a boutique of Himalayan knits. I felt that yarn needed to be near yarn. My name for this Yarndoodle was in the spirit of Halloween, a time when scary movies come in sequels, I’m bringing back The Claw!

yarn bombing in new york city

The Yarn Doodler brings her yarn graffiti skills to the city as she places Claw II on a light pole in New York City's Bryant Park.

Bike Boston

Every year we make a trip back East. There is nothing that represents fall better, in my mind, than autumn in Boston. Mums, bittersweet, pumpkins. The Farmer’s Market in Copley Square, crunching leaves under foot through the Boston Common. And now the new intercity Hubway rent-a-bike program are among my favorite things.

Hubway is an innovative new bike rental service with the first half-hour free. You can pickup and drop off at kiosks throughout Boston. It gets you anywhere you need to go above ground.

The latest yarn doodle is a simple rectangle in a seasonal shade of rust with charcoal lettering. It was left at the corner of Commonwealth and Massachusetts, not far from the Harvard Club. It is attached to a stylized bike rack along with a funky art installation – an orange painted mini bicycle that I walked by daily on my way to Newbury Street from our hotel in Kenmore Square.

Hope you have an opportunity to hop onto a bike for a delightful ride about the birthplace of freedom – Boston.

Bye-bye Bike Boston

bike boston yarn graffiti

Yarn Doodler stealthly attaches Bike Boston to its new home.

Little Boy Bomber

As we wrapped up our 2,400 mile road trip, the final grandchildren stop of “Tour de Heartland” was in Kansas City. The two adorable grandsons there are our youngest of nine grandchildren living throughout the Midwest.

They are 3-1/2 years old and 10 months, and the older one is quite familiar with yarn bombing concepts. He has actually actively created his own colorful yarn nest which he mailed to me for my next big installaton. He has also helped place a couple of his mother’s knit graffiti in prominent locations in their neighborhood.

So it was only fitting that KK decide the details of this final in the series of six yarn doodles installed throughout this road trip.

When I showed KK the item I had knit, I asked him to think of one of his favorite places where other people might enjoy seeing it. I suggested that it be a place where he could visit often. KK gave it some serious thought and eventually declared we should put it in his “red” park. He has personal names for his special places.

So off to the neighborhood park we went with great concern on his part for how we could share the orange knit flower with other children who might want to slide, swing and play there in the sand. He wanted to keep the flower safe from the lawn mowers, be very visible and, most importantly, secure.

With his honed 3-1/2 year old problem-solving skills, we hammered the knit stem-covered dowel rod securely into the bare ground between two quite large exposed roots of a huge shade tree. KK volunteered to check on it often to be certain it was still present in his special red (most of the play equipment was red) park. Then, upon more thought, offered to move it to his own yard to better keep an eye on it if necessary. For all his expertise and concern, I named this yarn doodle for KK, my little boy blue bomber.

Bye-bye, Little Boy Bomber! And flower too.

Bike This Way

I so enjoy yarn bombing. It is fun, creative and exciting. I also love biking. It has been a lifelong activity for me. So kinda like “chocolate and peanut butter,” it seemed a natural fit to combined yarn graffiti with one of Madison, Wisconsin’s many fantastic biking trails.

This morning our last day ride to a coffee shop took us past a fence on the Capitol Bike Trail that begged for a Yarn Doodle. The small design I had brought along was perfect: an orange arrow on royal blue background sending bikers up the trail in the direction of several quaint and friendly coffee shops.

The pleasant backyard patio we enjoyed was at the charming Zoma Cafe (fronting Atwood Avenue) – a personal place to have a cup-a-joe and watch the many bicyclists, runners, rollerbladers and people out for a Sunday morning stroll.

Walk this way.Talk this way. Bike this way!

Dempsey Doodle-Do

Introducing yarn bombing to my mother-in-law during the Wisconsin portion of our Tour de Heartland road trip was a blast. At first she didn’t’ quite get the concept but it really wasn’t long before the Octogenarian caught on.

My goal was to select a place she could see easily from her car window somewhere on her daily route in her neighborhood and sized to be seen with little effort. So the colorful and textured band now adorns a baseball backstop in Lake Edge Park on Dempsey Road. The heart on it can be a little reminder of our visit and her observation of its installation.

She immediately called her best friend to share the yarn graffiti idea and has taken ownership of it’s place in the park.

Ta-da. Dempsey Doodle-Do – keep on giving mom a smile.


So I asked our knitting granddaughter Miss H where she would like to place her very own created yarn doodle as we returned to her hometown of Hayward, WI at the conclusion of her legs of our Tour de Heartland vacation.

She gave it quite some thoughts and her list of parameters was somewhat lengthy. It needed to be in a place no one is likely to disturb it and a place she could easily (without driving) visit. It had to enhance and bring joy and it needed to be near her school. She had an idea – a good one!

So, as we walked the area of choice, we looked for some clue that spoke to her. “No not there. Not quite right – too this and too that” she studiously commented.

We continued walking. Then, suddenly, she stopped in her tracks. The headstone simply read: BABY. This was wehre Miss H sat down cross-legged and declared the place for her purple knit flower to rest.

As we stood up to leave, Miss H spied a marker tucked into the roots of a tree stump. She brushed away the debris and it revealed a concrete H which she took as a confirmation of the right location for her flower. We said goodbye to baby and got into the car just in time to hear the song playing on the radio: “Happy Birthday, Baby!”

Miss H smiled and said, “guess that’s one more sign that the cemetery was the best choice.”

So, Happy Birthday, Baby, from all of us!