Claw II

What does New York City and Rome have in common? Well, as of today, both have a Claw Yarndoodle.

Rome’s Campo di Fiori is the home of Claw, the original, and now Claw II resides in New York City. One of my favorite haunts when visiting Gotham City is to linger in Bryant Park. It is such a lovely park, having an outdoor reading room, ice skating rink, scads of little tables and chairs for balancing a book and a cup of coffee, a deck simulating a backyard porch with lounging chairs and many other user-friendly pods.

Now, in October, there are bales of hay, pumpkins and lots and lots of potted mums. The holiday shops are setting up mini boutiques, so the welcoming park can be a place to shop for reasonably priced yet unique gifts.

Claw II has taken up residency near the bacci ball court and close to a boutique of Himalayan knits. I felt that yarn needed to be near yarn. My name for this Yarndoodle was in the spirit of Halloween, a time when scary movies come in sequels, I’m bringing back The Claw!

yarn bombing in new york city

The Yarn Doodler brings her yarn graffiti skills to the city as she places Claw II on a light pole in New York City's Bryant Park.

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