From the Ashes

It’s been a long time between yarn bombs, but I’m back! One year ago on International yarn Bombing Day, I handed off this colorful butterfly to one of my favorite people. He is a Captain for Salt Lake City’s Unified Fire District. During the summer wildfire season, he and his team are on call to fight wildfires around the western USA. He is a delightful, funny hunk of a guy.

Our mission was to place a bright piece of knitted hope in the ashes and burnt remains of a forest fire. Well, as the season progressed with fire after fire, he and his crew became attached to this little piece of joy. So, now, one year later, Madame Butterfly cheerfully remains inside their wildfire engine, which is named Christine, as a companion to the brave men who work so hard protecting us all.

Thank you for letting me ride along with you guys in heart and spirit.

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