Get Well Soon

For those of you not ready for the heart-pounding, exhilarating public acts of knitted graffiti, here is an idea that might appeal to you.

Recently, a close friend found herself in a transitional facility between hospital and home. She had a pastoral view from her bed with a white picket fence between her window and the neighboring farm. That fence absolutely pleaded for a yarn doodle!

So I went polar opposite of my previous five yarn bombings and created a yarn doodle that would bring joy and a little chuckle to only my friend and her visitors.

Knit in my signature color, orange, reinforced with bailing wire for sculpting, with a bobble center in her favorite shade of blue, it can easily be transplanted to her own yard when she returns home.

The flower, Get Well Soon is a sentinel and a reminder that I am watching over my friend 24/7.

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