A joyous family occasion took the Yarn Doodler to the Washington, DC area and what better a place to leave one of my yarn mementos?

My delightful assistant on this installation was the effervescent, twinkly, brilliant Ms. K. KiKi, as she is know to family, wholeheartedly embraced the idea of yarn graffiti since she is quite the crafter. From her jewel-studded recycled chandelier, to her hand-made drawer pulls, this girl has no artistic fear.

Upon completion of knitting Heart-Z (also named by Ms. K), I turned over the piece to KiKi for her personal adornment and BOY did she personalize it. Then I intrusted the placement of Heart-Z to this energetic nine year old.

Because she walks to school, KiKi thought that would be a good place to keep an eye on her masterpiece, knowing, of course, it certainly would remain in place through the summer break. She was clever to wrap one of the trees in the street median enabling drivers to spy it from both directions. Also, visitors to the nearby park could admire it as well.

Locating the piece near the intersection at her school gave KiKi the option of observing Heart-Z easily without revealing her secret identity. Constantly scanning for observers, she caught on quickly to the ways of a stealth yarn artist. Because she wove in yarn hearts along with sawtooth lines all over the work, Ms. K debated her other choice of “Zig-Zag” as the title. Finally, she combined both to name this newest yarn doodle “Heart-Z, pronounced “hearts.”

Undoubtedly, this young lady will be one astonishing little person to observe and follow through her creative journey.

Lucky us!

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