Little Boy Bomber

As we wrapped up our 2,400 mile road trip, the final grandchildren stop of “Tour de Heartland” was in Kansas City. The two adorable grandsons there are our youngest of nine grandchildren living throughout the Midwest.

They are 3-1/2 years old and 10 months, and the older one is quite familiar with yarn bombing concepts. He has actually actively created his own colorful yarn nest which he mailed to me for my next big installaton. He has also helped place a couple of his mother’s knit graffiti in prominent locations in their neighborhood.

So it was only fitting that KK decide the details of this final in the series of six yarn doodles installed throughout this road trip.

When I showed KK the item I had knit, I asked him to think of one of his favorite places where other people might enjoy seeing it. I suggested that it be a place where he could visit often. KK gave it some serious thought and eventually declared we should put it in his “red” park. He has personal names for his special places.

So off to the neighborhood park we went with great concern on his part for how we could share the orange knit flower with other children who might want to slide, swing and play there in the sand. He wanted to keep the flower safe from the lawn mowers, be very visible and, most importantly, secure.

With his honed 3-1/2 year old problem-solving skills, we hammered the knit stem-covered dowel rod securely into the bare ground between two quite large exposed roots of a huge shade tree. KK volunteered to check on it often to be certain it was still present in his special red (most of the play equipment was red) park. Then, upon more thought, offered to move it to his own yard to better keep an eye on it if necessary. For all his expertise and concern, I named this yarn doodle for KK, my little boy blue bomber.

Bye-bye, Little Boy Bomber! And flower too.

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