The amazing Shannon, of Free Spirit Knits, asked the Yarn Doodler to create a yarn graffiti for her 30 Days of Giving Thanks project. I thought about what size and shape would be easy and convenient for a “non bomber” to place. I decided a cheerful knit flower on a dowel would be perfect for planting anywhere.

This flower would be a nice winter contrast to any dreary day wherever in the country it might travel. I knit, signed, dated and numbered (Yarn Doodler’s 19th) “Mystery” and awaited excitedly for word of the lucky winner and where to send the doodle.

I named the yarn doodle “Mystery” because I had no idea where it would find its permanent home. I was so pleased to be a part of the mystery adventure. Now I’m anxiously awaiting word on the winner and who will share this special Mystery.

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