Olympic Blooms

London is a city of intrigue, and a perfect spot for Yarn Doodler to strike in the dark of night. It was Olympics time in London, with millions of fans hustling and about watching athletes from around the world achieve gold, silver and bronze medallions.

While on our Olympic journey in jolly old London, we fell in love with Hyde Park. We had picnicked there in years past and now the wonderful open space in Central London was home to the Olympic triathlon plus swimming marathons. It was also a free venue so parents with children could have a family outing to enjoy the Olympics. A perfect spot for a yarn doodle!

Alas, how would Yarn Doodler evade the heavy security in place for the Olympics. By day, Yarn Doodler found the perfect spot for a bouquet of hand knit flowers – complete with the official purple ribbon just like in the medals ceremony. Then in the dark of night, Yarn Doodler struck – attaching the bouquet to a convenient royal fence alongside the serpentine. The deed was done!

Like any culprit of the night, it was hard to stay away. What chance would this yarn graffiti have to last even so much as a day. Lo and behold, at high noon the following day, it was still safely in place as Olympic swimmers coursed back and forth in the Serpentine to the cheers of the crowds. And a crowd of four bobbies stood guard along the fence, eying Olympic Blooms but not having a care in the world.

Athletes of London, this yarn graffiti is for you!

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