The first yarn doodle I knit, once I acquired colorful yarn in Slovenia, was a turquoise flower with orange center and an 18-inch long lime green stem with leaf. As we determined we would go to Assisi, I thought it the perfect place for Posey, since St. Frances had such an affection for birds and flowers. The first day we arrived at our agroturissmo, we scouted out the town to find where Posey would rest. The last evening we set about to make it happen. We had declined several heavily traveled locations, over a couple day period, to choose a railing that leads to the San Rufino church at one of the entrances to the old city.

Although this yarn doodle was designed to be placed in the hand of a Saint Frances statue, surprisingly, none existed outside of the church. So this railing seemed a good choice since it was just within an arch in a heavy foot traffic path, leading to the village. My shield, hubby, pretended he was taking a night photo of the well-lit church as I quickly wrapped the yarn tails over the railing, anchoring them through the long stem over and over again.  We stepped away after the two or three minutes of stitching, noticing a man across the plaza watching us intently. Many people walked through the arch,  down the path past us, while I worked. But I don’t think they could quite tell what mischief we were up to.

We stepped away once I was finished and hovered nearby, acting as if we were taking more photos. A group of six to eight teens clammered down the pathway. Then a boy and soon a girl, back-stepped to look at Posey. This was the first time I really got to witness an observer. It was pretty exciting though I did not understand what they had to say to the others in their Italian-speaking pack of kids.

After dinner that evening, we stopped by to see if an attentive street cleaner had already removed Posey from the railing, especially since we had a possible observer during the process. But she was still there.

Upon leaving our farm experience the following day, we stopped by to check one final time. Sure enough, yet surprisingly, Posey was still planted in the place after three days. Hopefully, she’ll be allowed to flourish there a good while longer.

Arrivedeci, Posey!

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