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A creative bombing, tagging onto existing street art in Padova, Italy – tag on tag!

It was a long day driving and my energy was especially low. it was hot, muggy and when we eventually walked into the old walled city of Padova, I really should say I was dragging.

I had decided to bring along the last of the Yarn Doodles made from the brighly colored yarn I had purchased in Slovenia. I had made what I thought would work as a statue’s wristcuff or possibly an ankle bracelet out of turquoise with an orange flower and green bobble center. It had not been sewn shut yet. But because I had knit it in a 2×2 rib stitch, I knew it would have some size flexibility and would stretch.

I am so glad I tucked the tag into my overnight bag for our last night in Italy in a cool old town Padova. Once I saw the amazing stencil tag on a sidestreet just off Piazza dei Signori, I thought to myself, ‘a town who lights and leaves a tag such as this will get what I’m doing.’

The graffit artist, Kenny Random, spray stenciled a life-sized cloaked man holding a spray can in his hand in silhouette. From the can, was a solid horizontal wave line stream of turquoise – the exact same shade as my yarn, with a bird and cat perched on that line. Halfway through the mural were two vertical pipes, which created a natural break in his work.

It only took my second viewing of this gift to know I must tag this tag.

There was live music playing in the festive gathering space of the piazza. Hundreds of people, families, bicyclists and strollers meandered beneath the clock tower. We had wine, listened and watched, and I lost several rounds of backgammon. All the while, I kept one eye on the Kenny Random (he signed it) graffiti. I thought my yarn doodle should somehow be close enough to relate to the colors of his work, perhaps on a pipe or nearby lamp post. We added, over dinner, a bottle of wine to our already consumed two glasses each. So by the time we finished eating, I was quite fortified to just march over to the wall of art and brazenly, in front of hundreds of eyes, install my very own matching knit tag to the existing piece.

I filled in his gap and completed his work.

How cool is that! Hope Kenny thinks so, too.

Kenny Random
Kenny Random is a noted street artist in Padova. While not much is known about him, his work is ever present in the city and on the web. Interestingly enough, many of his more interesting pieces are, just like my yarn bomb, similar tags on tags. Enjoy.

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