The Claw

As we wandered through Rome, I scouted the location for placing my second yarn doodle. We first  considered a lamp post near the Spanish Steps. Actually, it was right on the Spanish Steps – literally. This would be a site many people visit and is a destination location. We also looked at one of the bridges leading to the Vatican over the Tiber River – the Ponte San Angelo. But it wasn’t quite right.

The area around our Piazza Navona apartment had few options, too, with lots of fantastic fountains. But there were too many workers setting up a stage for a music festival the coming weekend. We had spent some time in the plaza that faced the Pantheon. I was really intrigued by a chain link fence post that was subtly visible from the street above but would require some climbing and use of notched foot holds, likely scraped knees and definately dirty pants legs. I thought I could sucessfully install but would be pretty obvious with just my grunting alone. And hubby said he would not even watch as I did that placement.

So with my location scout’s help, we rejected the Colosseum, Forum, Trevi Fountain and pondered a lamp post in the Campo di Fiori as we consumed wine and coffee one lovely day. It is a pleasant and popular plaza that we took ownership of by purchasing wares, spices, a scarf for Madeline’s birthday and whiled away a couple of leisure hours.

Deed Done

No secretive, black hat cover stealth bomber me. In a bright orange shirt, needle attached to the yarn doodle for quick attaching, I marched right over to the lamp post, looking in all directions for someone who would shout out in alarm, ‘look, a wild woman is stitching graffiti in broad daylight at high noon in our sacred plaza.’  Well, no such screeching. In fact, as my husband sat a distance away ordering his second wine of the day (a Brunello), he confirmed that of all the shoppers, coming and going, only one man in a business suit even glanced in my direction, as I quickly moved my arm up and down sewing shut the seam.

45 minutes = no one noticed
1 hour = dozens of strollers, shoppers, no one notices yet
11 people per minute walk by-no observers

Next day:

We have visited “Claw” many  tines since placing the second yarn doodlea day earlier. We had seen him at night in the party atmosphere of the Campo di Fiori and in the morning hub-bub of market day. Sitting at our favorite table, sipping Americano kaffe after making gift purchases at the market, I kept an eye on the prize. Beause of the mutted colors of the yarn and the perfectly same colors of the pipe where I placed it, I think  it is a treasure to be discovered. On our final visit, the bike with the child seat was chained to the post where Claw resided, just as it did the day before when I installed him. The bike was not there during the evening activities so perhaps at least that mother took notice of him.

So we said our goodbyes. Ciao bella, Mr. Claw!

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