Watching Over You

Even when her husband was alive, she sat in her favorite chair near the huge picture window watching over the neighborhood. Now she spends less time chatting and more waving at those walking past. She has always been a bit of a local matriarch, watching over friends, their children, their pets, their well being.

So where to place and what to name this yarn doodle was never a question. On the East Side of Madison, on her front lawn and in the tree planted decades ago – it was the perfect place. Watching Over You – it’s name is not just because of who she is and how she spends her time. It is because we want to let her know we are watching over her.

In her time of need, we, her kind neighbors, her concerned friends and all who pass by who have come to expect her friendly wave are also watching over her. Be healthy again soon, we’re watching over you.

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